Our Services


We serve our clients by providing creative Investment, Retirement & Estate Planning strategies that aim to deliver value added benefits to our clients, their businesses, and their families.
The implementation of the planning strategies recommended often involves both the initial purchase of financial investments/insurance products, as well as the ongoing service and reviews necessary in monitoring our recommendations.
When our clients choose to place these financial products through us, we are compensated directly from the financial institutions.
An example of some of the financial products we provide are as follows:

Insurance Products

Compensation paid by the insurance companies directly to us as agents vary depending on the product and amount of insurance funding.
They are typically linked to the actual mortality risk charges within the contract rather than the premium.


Investment Products


Non-Registered Plans

If we are managing most of our client's planning, insurance and investments, we are usually able to offer investments without an initial sales charge.

We do not earn any compensation initially on the acquisition of these investments; however, we do receive a service fee which is the funds' trailer fee generally paid to us for ongoing services to the clients so long as our clients' remain invested in the funds recommended. 

We prefer that our clients non-registered funds be as liquid as possible so that fees or surrender charges do not influence investment decisions/changes.

GICs/Term Deposits

We are compensated directly from the financial institution for these products.


RRSPs/Other Registered Plans

Investment Funds in registered plans are generally offered on either a 'Front-End' or 'Back-End' load basis, primarily determined through our planning discussions.

Funds which are sold on 'Front-End' (FEL) sales charge basis require the deduction of a sales commission from the amount of your purchase order. The net amount of your investment is then invested in securities of the fund at the net asset value. Funds which are sold on ‘Back-End’ option require no deduction from the amount of your purchase order at the time of purchase, but your investment may be subject to a redemption charge if the securities which you purchased are redeemed within a specified time after purchase. Under the ‘Back-End’ method of purchase, sales commission is paid to us at the time of purchase arranged by the fund sponsor.

We also receive trailer fee for funds recommended in registered plans which is generally paid to us for ongoing services to the clients so long as our clients’ remain invested in the funds.

Switches within the same investment fund family are all generally fee-free

Mutual funds and segregated funds provided by companies are offered through Worldsource Financial Management Inc. Other products and services are offered through Stinton Financial Group Inc.